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Bean bag filling

Bean bag filling

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Give new life to your bean bags with our top-quality filling beads. Fire-retardant expanded polystyrene virgin beads, with much greater anti-clumping properties than cork granules, allowing you to experience their maximum comfort longer and restoring the original shape of your bean bags.

Comfortable, lightweight and strong. Make it Happers®

Available in several sizes

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¿Tu puff ya no es confortable y ya no tiene el volumen que tenía al principio? No te preocupes,...

44 Reviews

Tamaño70 Liters


¿Tu puff ya no es confortable y ya no tiene el volumen que tenía al principio? No te preocupes,...

102 Reviews

Tamaño125 Liters


¿Tu puff ya no es confortable y ya no tiene el volumen que tenía al principio? No te preocupes,...

9 Reviews

Tamaño200 Liters


¿Tu puff ya no es confortable y ya no tiene el volumen que tenía al principio? No te preocupes,...

33 Reviews

Tamaño250 Liters


¿Tu puff ya no es confortable y ya no tiene el volumen que tenía al principio? No te preocupes,...

21 Reviews

Tamaño330 Liters

Calculate the amount of filling needed for your bean bag

What do you need? Restore a bean bag’s shape Fill an empty bean bag
Footstool 70 liters 150 liters
Square 70 liters 150 liters
TO-GO 70 liters 150 liters
Round 70 liters 150 liters
XL Pear-shaped 125 liters 225 liters
Children’s teardrop 70 liters 125 liters
What do you need? Restore a bean bag’s shape Fill an empty bean bag
XXL Pear-shaped 125 liters 280 liters
XXL Gamer 125 liters 350 liters
Relax 125 liters 320 liters
XL Teardrop 70 liters 190 liters
Big Bean Bag 125 liters 300 liters
Lounge 125 liters 300 liters

Extra comfort with Happers bean bag filling

Happers bean bag filling offers the best experience for any bean bag. It is made of top-quality expanded polystyrene, with 20% more density than our competitors. Our extraordinary high-recovery filling beads will keep your bean bag looking as good as new for longer.

The secret behind our bean bags

Experience maximum comfort when sitting in a Happers bean bag. The key to making our bean bags so comfortable and durable lies in the materials we use, the ergonomic design and the optimal formula we use to achieve maximum density with our filling beads.

Clean and safe bean bags with expanded polystyrene

Happers manufactures the best expanded polystyrene bean bag filling to make sure it meets our quality and safety standards. Not only does Happers bean bag filling have the highest density on the market, it is also fire-retardant and moisture-proof, so our bean bags can be used outdoors without having to worry about damaging the filling. Additionally, expanded polystyrene is a non-toxic material with anti-allergy and anti-fungal properties, which means that the entire family can use our bean bags worry-free.


We care about the environment and our impact on it, so you will be pleased to know that not only is expanded polystyrene the best bean bag filling in terms of its features, but is also 100% recyclable. If you have any questions about the recycling process, please contact us at and we will take care of everything.

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What filling is used in a bean bag? What is bean bag filling made of?

Although bean bag filling can be made of a number of materials, Happers only uses its own expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. Expanded polystyrene or polyspan is the 100% recyclable, anti-allergy, anti-fungal, moisture-proof and fire-retardant material that, once expanded into virgin beads, allows bean bags to contour to your body’s shape when you sit or lay down.

When should I replace bean bag filling?

The expanded polystyrene used for bean bag filling eventually goes flat over time and with use. Although the filling manufactured by Happers is denser to ensure a longer service life than other EPS fillings, regular use of our bean bags means that minimal maintenance will be required in the form of a refill.

The best way to know when you should replace the beads or refill a bean bag is its level of comfort. If after months of use you note that it is no longer as soft as in the beginning or it seems to have gone flat, it may be time to buy a bag of filling. The process is simple and your bean bag will look just like new in only a few minutes.

How much filling do I need for a bean bag?

The amount of beads will depend on whether you are adding more to a bean bag that has gone flat over time or you are filling one that is completely empty.

Check our table for the amount of filling needed for each bean bag.

How do I refill a bean bag with beads?

It’s very easy to refill a Happers bean bag, although we suggest asking someone for assistance (trust us, you won’t regret it). 
All of our models have a double zipper system. Once you have opened the zippers, insert the mouth of the refill bag into the inner bean bag cover and carefully fill it with our bean bag beads.

For maximum comfort, we recommend refilling the bean bag in phases so you can stop to check whether more beads are needed based on your preference. Once you are done, store the remaining bean bag filling in the bag provided for future use.

Where can I buy the best bean bag filling?

To ensure the bean bag contours to your body’s shape for maximum comfort, it is essential to choose the right filling material.

Happers manufactures the expanded polystyrene beads used for bean bag filling so our products are able to withstand regular use and keep their shape as long as possible. For a longer service life than other bean bag filling alternatives, our beads are 20% denser than others on the market.

Our filling is anti-fungal and anti-microbial, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria, mites, fungus or microorganisms. Happers expanded polystyrene beads are treated to make them fire-retardant for optimal safety.

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Lo esperado,tal como en la web ,

10/07/2024 13:59

My bien

27/06/2024 12:30


22/06/2024 22:59

Payer la recharge (= des boulettes de plastiques) près de 40€, soit la moitié du prix du fauteuil complet, je trouve que c'est se moquer des gens

20/06/2024 13:18

El producto es tal y como esperaba. Lo difícil fue rellenar el puff de pera con el relleno que venía en el saco dado que este era de tejido muy fluido y tenía la boca muy ancha. Después de bastante tiempo conseguí que las bolas dejasen de inundar mi salón y estoy muy contenta con el resultado.

17/06/2024 11:06
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