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Decoration ideas

How to keep your pallet cushions protected during winter

Find out how to keep your pallet cushions safe from winter with hard-wearing waterproof covers and proper care - enjoy your outdoor space all year round!
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Bean bag or floor cushion: We help you decide!

Not sure whether to opt for a bean bag or a floor cushion? Learn the differences and find the perfect option to add comfort and style to your home, explore their features and find out which one best suits your needs!
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How to choose the right size for your bean bag

Discover how to select the right size for your bean bag, ensuring comfort and style in your home. Practical and useful tips for the ideal choice.
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Are you looking for an original gift? A bean bag is the answer!

Find an original gift that will surprise your loved ones and give them a cosy place to relax and enjoy - choose the ideal bean bag today!
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The benefits of a bean bag in your home

Add a touch of comfort and style to your home with a bean bag. Explore the benefits of having this versatile piece of furniture: extra seating, relaxation, personalised design and storage space - discover how a bean bag can enhance your lifestyle!
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Why your pet needs a bean bag at home

Discover why your pet (dog or cat) needs a bean bag at home. Give them comfort, support and a place of their own to rest and relax - improve their well-being today!
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Pallet cushions and sustainability trends in outdoor design

Discover how pallet cushions are revolutionising outdoor design with their sustainable approach - explore how these cushions transform outdoor spaces in a creative and environmentally friendly way!
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Which cushions to use in pool areas

Are you looking for the perfect solution to create a comfortable and relaxing space in your pool area? Pallet cushions could be the answer! In this post we are going to tell you why!
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6 ideas for outdoor family picnics

Discover how to make your family picnic a unique and memorable experience with these 6 creative ideas to enjoy the summer with your family in your garden or on your terrace!
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How to choose the right bean bag for your home

Discover how to choose the perfect bean bag for your home and add a touch of style by combining it with matching pallet cushions. Learn about the right style, size, comfort and materials to find the perfect bean bag.
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10 Ideas for decorating a teenagers room with a bean bag

Here are 10 ideas to transform your teenager's room into a unique place full of personality.
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5 Ideas for decorating your living room with bean bags

Bring your living room to life with bean bags. Discover 5 ideas how to decorate with style and comfort.
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