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How to make a floor cushion

How to make a floor cushion

Floor cushions create a cosy atmosphere in any room and therefore have become a must-have decorative element. Usually, sitting on the floor is not the most comfortable thing to do, but sitting on a comfy cushion made of a pleasant fabric makes a big difference.

Another factor that has made floor cushions a part of many styles of decoration is their versatility. They can be used for lying on the floor, meditating or practising yoga, sitting down to read, as an auxiliary seat when you require more seating for visitors or even for dressing and putting on shoes.

If you prefer to buy a floor cushion ready-made, at Happers you can do so. We manufacture floor cushions with very resistant and durable materials, for both indoor and outdoor use and with a 3-year guarantee. The delivery and returns are free of charge.

If knowing this you still prefer to make your own floor cushions, today we're going to tell you how to make them at home. Are you ready?

How to make your own floor cushions

The first step is to decide how many cushions you want and in what sizes. This way, you will know how much fabric and cushion filling you need to buy.

Floor cushion sizes

There is no recommended size for floor cushions but as you may have seen, the trend is for them to be large and comfortable. At Happers we make them in 60 x 60cm and 60 x 80cm.

For those who prefer large floor cushions at Happers you can purchase our popular pallet cushions 120 x 80 or pallet cushions 120 x 60 made of faux leather.

If you make your own floor cushions, bear in mind that when cutting the fabric, we recommend leaving 5 cm extra on each side so that you can easily sew the cover and close the cushions after filling them.

Material for making your own floor cushions

  1. Fabric for the cover. There are many possibilities: cotton, polyester, canvas, etc. The choice of fabric will depend on your taste, room decoration and use.

  2. Zipper. If you want your floor cushions to have removable covers, you must leave a side opening with a zipper.

  3. Cushion filling. You can buy polystyrene foam, feathers, polyester fibre, wadding, shredding, etc. The choice of filling will depend on how padded you want the cushion to be.

Tools you will need

To make your own floor cushions, you need very few things:

  1. Scissors. Use special scissors for fabric. Paper scissors do not always cut fabric easily.
  2. Sewing machine. Not all fabrics require the use of a sewing machine but in cases where the fabric is thicker or harder you will need it.
  3. Needle and thread in the colour you prefer.
  4. Measuring tape or ruler to measure and pencil for marking before cutting.

4 Steps for making floor cushions

  1. Buy the fabric.

Once you know how much fabric you will need for the cover, it's time to buy it.

You can opt for cotton, polyester or canvas. When selecting the fabric, it is essential that you consider if you want to use your cushions outdoor. To use them on a terrace or in the garden, we recommend specific materials for this purpose that meet certain characteristics like being UV-resistant. This way you ensure its durability and you can enjoy your cushions for a longer period of time. The Happers floor cushions are made of durable and water-resistant faux leather.

  1. Purchase the cushion filling.

When buying the filling you should consider how much you will need in order that the cushions are not too empty and spring back into shape more easily. But neither should you fill in too much so they are more comfortable and the covers can be removed easier if necessary. In most specialist shops you can get options such as polystyrene foam, fibrefill, wadding or feathers. At Happers, we fill our floor cushions with high density polyurethane foam, a high resilience and high quality filling that guarantees the comfort of the cushions.

  1. Cut the fabric to the required size.

Measure two pieces of fabric for each cushion as mentioned above and cut them out leaving a 5 centimetre margin on each side to make it easy to sew the cover and add the filling according to your preferences.

  1. Sew the cushion cover by machine or by hand.

Finally, it's time to join the two parts of each cushion together. Sew three sides together before putting in the filling. If you want removable covers, remember to leave a side opening and add the zipper so you can add or change the filling whenever you want.

Congratulations! If you followed all steps you should now have your own floor cushions! From now on, all you have to do is enjoy them to share moments with family and friends, or enjoy moments for yourself to disconnect.

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