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Outdoor faux leather pallet cushions Light Gray ()
Outdoor faux leather pallet cushions Light Gray (1)
Outdoor faux leather pallet cushions Light Gray (2)
Outdoor faux leather pallet cushions Light Gray (3)
Outdoor faux leather pallet cushions Light Gray (4)

Outdoor faux leather pallet cushions Light Gray

4.7/5 228 Reviews
This cushion that comes with just the cover or with filling included, is the perfect complement to modernise your terrace, giving it a rustic and novel touch.

  • SKU CPEGrisClaro

They are the perfect acessory for modern terraces. Great for chill-out spaces or swimming pools and also recommended for hotels. Thanks to the choice of fabric it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Do you have a terrace? Then our outdoor faux leather is your best choice. A super resistant faux leather specially designed and manufactured to withstand the most extreme climates, from marine environments to direct contact with snow. It is the only faux leather prepared to withstand both UV rays and humidity. It also has an antibacterial treatment that gives us extra peace of mind.Its "nautical plus" finish gives it all these characteristics and also makes maintenance easy, as we can clean this faux leather with any multipurpose household cleaning products, such as grease-proof, dishwasher liquid etc. It is normally adapted for outdoors, but due to its special features, many of our customers choose to use it indoors as well. IMPORTANT: Recommended for indoor use. Although the fabric is waterproof, it MUST NOT BE LEFT OUTDOOR, as rainwater could enter the interior through the seams and wet the filling. Choose and combine the different sizes and colours to find the combination that fits the measurements of your outdoor sofa. You can choose from a sofa with europallets to special sizes for corner pieces. Cleaning: Apply water and neutral soap with a soft cotton cloth and rub gently in circular motion until the stain disappears. Best sellers!! Europallet size

  • Made of outdoor faux leather. More resistant and special for outdoors. Perfect for terraces, swimming pools, etc.
  • You can buy it with high density polyurethane foam filling included or just the cover. The cushions have a zip.
  • The best choice of Happers® cushions. 3-year extended warranty included.
  • 100% Designed and Handmade in Spain.
  • IMPORTANT: Recommended indoors. Although the fabric is waterproof, DO NOT LEAVE OUTDOORS, as rainwater could enter the interior through the seams and wet the filling.
  • Comfortable, lightweight and durable. Make it Happers®.

Súper cómodos

07/07/2024 12:58

Muy buenos

01/07/2024 19:06

Le turquoise est plutôt vert.

21/06/2024 09:09

tolle Qualität

20/06/2024 14:52

La calidad tanto de las fundas excelente, el relleno se adapta genial y el resultado es muy bueno, es imposible hacerlo mejor con el precio que ofrecen.

04/06/2024 08:49

Le produit est qualitatif

15/05/2024 09:23

Könnte der Inhalt etwas geschmeidiger sein für den Preis.

13/05/2024 08:25

nota 9

25/04/2024 14:11

Le di la nota mas alta por que la experiencia fue muy buena

25/04/2024 14:11

La experiencia ha sido muy buena. Totalmente recomendable

21/03/2024 12:14

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Material Outdoor Faux Leather

If you are looking for bean bags, pallet cushions or decorative cushions for your home’s terrace or a beach apartment, or something that can withstand extreme weather conditions at a ski resort, then this solution is for you.

This faux leather is specifically made to withstand even the harshest weather, seaside locations, humid climates, UV rays and intensive outdoor use. Plus, it also has antimicrobial and stain-resistant properties.

The exclusive Nautical Plus finish offers maximum strength and low maintenance (it can be cleaned with any multipurpose household cleaning product).

Lastly, although it is designed for outdoor use, many customers also choose it for their indoor cushions and bean bags because of its special features.

Leather-like feel Resistance >40,000 cycles Antimicrobial Fire-retardant Lightweight UV-resistant Stain-resistant

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